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Morning journalling prompts - The perfect way to start your day!

Journaling is new to me and something I’ve never managed to stick to consistently. I realised I was thinking about it all wrong when I thought it had to take lots of time, work and effort.

So, I created a routine that works for me and has so far, been an enjoyable added extra into my morning!

The questions I choose are short, simple, and easy. They only takes up one page in my small journal every morning, but have had a huge impact on my emotional health and focus.

To start, all you’ll need is somewhere to write your answers. (Perfect opportunity for a nice new journal!)

There feels something special about pen to paper, but you can also type your answers in your phone or laptop.

You’ll also need a quiet distraction-free space to write. I know those of you who have families and children, this isn’t always easy. My journaling prompt time usually happens usually at the start of each day, first thing when I’m still in bed, so I keep all my journal supplies next to my bed so that everything I need is right there, but make it work for your lifestyle!


Now, let’s get into the questions!

1) How do you feel? Mentally, physically, emotionally?

I like to start my day just checking in with what’s going on for me, how my mind is, how my physical body is and how my energy is. I find this beneficial because it can determine what I need throughout the day. For example, if I’m feeling tired and achy, I’ll focus on some slow gentle movements instead of a hard and fast workout.

2) What is something I’m looking forward to today?

Think through what you have going on today — what on the schedule can you look forward to or excites you?

Here are some examples:

  • I’m excited about painting the new bedroom today!

  • I’m looking forward to going out for a date night this evening!

  • I’m looking forward to having half an hour on my train commute to listen to my favourite podcast.

3) What are 1-3 things I could do today to bring me joy? And, what are 1-3 things I can do to bring someone else joy?

This one is a 2 part question which could make into 2 separate questions if you wanted.


  • To bring me joy: Go to my yoga class, read for 20 minutes, watch stranger things tonight to unwind.

  • To bring someone else joy: Ring my Nan to check-in, Have dinner ready for my partner for when they get home from work, visit my elderly neighbour to see if I can help with anything.

4) What can I do today in order to make my goal(s) easier?

If you’re like me, you might set weekly, monthly or even yearly goals. For this question, I like to think about one of those specific goals and ask myself… ‘How can I make it easier for me to work towards the goal?

Here are some examples of goals and something to make it easier:

  • Goal: Read 15 books this year

  • Make it easier: read one chapter of my book today.

  • Goal: Create an online workshop.

  • Make it easier: Take a 30-minutes to start planning

I like to switch it every day to a different goal and how I’ll make it easier, and then sometimes I’ll focus on one goal all week.

5) Daily Affirmation Statement

Firstly, what is an affirmation?

A Daily Affirmation can be thought of as a simple statement or word that defines you as you want to be. Every time you write or say your daily affirmation, the brain can start building this belief in your mind. They allow you to consciously be in control of your thoughts. When you say them or think them, they become the thoughts that shape your reality.

I like to start affirmations with ‘I am’. This makes it powerful. It uses language that gives your subconscious mind a command which then interprets it as a directive that it must follow through on.

One other tip is to speak about things as if you already have them. It helps the mind to visualise the outcome. For example, you can use ‘I am calm’ instead of ‘Today I want to feel calm’

However, affirmations can be whatever resonate with you!

Here are some you can try:

  • I am grounded.

  • I am present.

  • I am attracting new clients each and every day.

  • My body is getting stronger and healthier each day.

  • I am worthy of love.

  • I am grateful.

  • I am strong in mind and body.

  • I am driven by passion and purpose.

  • I am confident.

  • I am loved, loving, and lovable.

Find something that resonates, or be creative and write your own. You can also try to write it somewhere that you’ll see it often throughout the day such as your mirror, desk or fridge.


I hope this is helpful! There are so many benefits to journaling and beginning to journal in the morning a can have a really positive impact on not only your personal but your professional life too!

Laura x

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